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Community Achievements

Leading the way to finding a cure

Homes across the bayside turned pink, the gavel fell at auctions and supporters danced the night away as David Teasdale fundraised for the National Breast Cancer Foundation thought-out the year.

Teasdale raises vital funds to help the National Breast Cancer Foundation to research into the disease that remains the leading cause of cancer deaths in Australian women, breast cancer.Each year more than 11,500 women in Australia are diagnosed with breast cancer and there are 2,500 deaths. One in 11 women is at risk of developing breast cancer by the age of 75.

This is a disease that affects our whole community – our mothers, our daughters, our sisters and wives.Survival rates are improving thanks to the efforts of the Teasdale, which are funding research that has resulted in better detection and improved treatments. Over the past decade, the five-year survival rate has improved by 10 per cent due to the inroads made by breast cancer research.

“We are passionate about making a difference in the community and we are proud to be an official corporate sponsor of the National Breast Cancer Foundation, aiding research and increasing public awareness about breast cancer."

Our office is apart of supporting the NBCF rthrough raising and making donations from our sales commissions.

David & Dean Teasdale

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